Last updated: 22/08/2015


We understand the importance of users' privacy. That is why we make sure and we do not misuse them in our applications.

Over personal information

If any personal information is required for the well function of the app, be sure that it will be explicitly requested and this information will be kept safe and it won't be shared with third-parties without your consent.

Over analytical data

Analytical data helps us understand how our apps are being used and helping us to find items to improve. We may use an analytical tool to collect statistical data like phone brand and model you are using, on operational system you are using our app, which country the app is being used, etc.

Over application's content

The content provided by our apps are consistent and respects the copyrights. Eventually, we may provide that coming directly from the content providers (e.g. News provider, stocks quotes providers) that we have chosen, for these type of content providers, we explicity inform to the user where the data is coming from, either directly from the application itself or from the application description on the store. We trust these content providers will be providing accurate and consistent data, and we can not be responsible for any misguided or inappropriated information eventually provided by them.

Over content being shared

We understand that it is fully user's responsibility of how they use the app. Our applications often allow users to share content on social networks, e-mail, etc, we can not be responsible for its inappropriated use and its consequences.

Over apps

Our apps are developed following the best techniques and practices. When using one of our apps, be sure that we will be using your hardware carefully and more effectively, not wasting your battery and not using or modifying your private date without your consent. Any question, please contact us via